Computing: writing a tutorial for the Rust programming language

Rust is a very interesting new System programming language developed by Mozilla Research to overcome C++ defects by having smarter compiler checks; it also takes a few successful programming elements of others, non-system languages and mixes it all into an all-new, innovative language.

It does not have a whole lot of tutorials to get started right now so I decided I would write one as a side-project; since I do not have a huge background in CS that allows me to check up my own knowledge by discussing with other people from the community.

Its webpage is here, with the code available on GitHub.

Computing: solving Project Euler problems in Rust

Project Euler is a computational problems solving website, which aims to combine mathematics sense and computer programming in writing algorithms to find a said value from a mathematical proposition.

Rust is Mozilla Foundation’s all-new language: a C++ “successor” that is meant to guarantee memory- and thread-safety while also providing cleaned up semantics and standard library, a touch of functional programming and native actor parallelism — I decided to use it and solve a few Project Euler problems.

All of the code (not necessarily the most optimized) is available on GitHub.

Electronics: interactive Paris’ Métro Map using Arduino

I have made a partial interactive Paris’ Métro Map for my High School computing course project. It uses electronics and LEDs driven by an Arduino board to display the stations and calculate itineraries based on user input. I also made a presentation website in order to list all our projects.

The software is available on my GitHub repository.